Slater Mountain: The Journey

Nugget stood motionless in the pasture, with his ears pricked up, staring beyond the rocks. His eyes were wide as he waited, listening closely. The birds chirped, the breeze blew gently, then he lowered his head and went back to eating grass. He was a large pony, smart and stout in both stature and heart. About then, Bailey Mathews walked into the pasture. Nugget picked up his head again and whinnied. He had been a wild pony when Bailey found him. Living up here in the mountains, she didn’t have many friends nearby. She always kept her eyes open for the herd of wild horses that roamed in the area. She and Nugget became friends right away! There was something that just drew them together. They trusted each other.
That was over three years ago, Nugget had been a little more than a yearling then, and traveled with a bachelor band of young stallions. When they met, Bailey was sitting in a meadow working on an agriculture project.
She followed a homeschool program. Living up in the mountains, it was difficult to get to school in town, especially in the wintertime. She lived with her mom and dad, Annie and Will Mathews, her grandpa, Ben Slater and her older brother Ross. Her dad, was away a lot because he worked on the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.
“Hey there boy,” Bailey had said at that very first meeting.
Now as Bailey approached him, she said, “Hey there boy, how are you doing?” He nuzzled her arm, and she motioned for him to follow her. “What do you want to do today?” she said, sweeping her light brown hair back into a ponytail. “Mom said I can ride as long as I get my chores and school work done. I finished my school work. After I finish my chores, we can go to the brook and fish for trout. How does that sound?”